Available HONEY ACACIA 2015




POLLEN FRESH: To obtain a product of high quality and palatable,

We join the crops carried out in May, June and July

obtaining a combination of many blooms.

The harvest is carried out every 2 days, the same day clean and immediately frozen

to ensure all the properties POLLEN API.

Packed in trays for food, in polystyrene containers

(Used in ice cream) to maintain the cold chain.



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The secret of life in a grain of pollen



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The Company RENZI, managed a family, was born when Luigi Renzi decides to give

one concrete development to his passion for beekeeping.


The Honey Bees RENZI offer crafts and sales online.

The tradition and the love for our work allow us to offer the highest quality craftsmanship Honey.

Due to the location and the rich vegetation of the hills Pesaresi you get pollen, propolis and honey of high quality:

  from the classic wildflower honey acacia, sunflower and honeydew.


RENZI LUIGI, inspired by the great love of nature and the need to protect bees, in collaboration with the whole family started breeding bee Apis mellifera REGINA ligustica.


The Company RENZI offers ADOPT A BEEHIVE.

It is an initiative to bring together anyone who wishes to the world of bees and nature, allowing them to discover the secrets of the hive.

Do not forget that:

In the words of Homer, the bee and the honey you can be compared only to the great poets and great poetry.



RENZI LOUIS - Via Lago Maggiore, 285 61122 Pesaro VAT 02557540412

Registered with the Register of Companies of Pesaro and Urbino

Tel. 039 3287313715 - email